WIP: Butterick 9975 muslin

You lovely folks told me I should make Butterick 9975 in March, so I’m plugging away at it. I started out with a 34″ bust pattern which should be about 3″ too small around for me but thanks to the generous ease that … Continue reading

Results: Which Wool Will I Make in March?

It was clear from the very beginning which wool would win for March. Out of 56 votes, the Butterick shirtwaist dress took 53.57% of the vote with 30 individual voices saying “Make it! Make it!” How could I resist? However, … Continue reading

VOTE: Which Wool Will I Make in March?

(Try to say that title three times fast!) It’s a double post bonus day, friends, because I’m a lazy busy blogger and just realized I haven’t gotten around to posting this yet! The Monthly Stitch March Challenge is Miss Bossy … Continue reading

Completed: Cape

Look! It’s Little Red Riding Hood! Oh, no, wait. That’s me in my new cape for The Monthly Stitch’s January challenge: New Year, New Skill. I finally made the cape that I bought fabric for at the Sewing Expo in … Continue reading

Completed: Brrrr-kini

Let the creepy internet stalking begin. I’ve posted pics of myself in a bikini. But not just any bikini, my super awesome handmade custom designed bikini! You’ll have to pardon all my poorly lit photos. I was not about to … Continue reading

Completed: TMS Frocktober

  I present to you The Monthly Stitch’s Frocktober challenge. The challenge was left a little open ended without a true definition of “frock” but when I hear “frock” I think fancy party dress. This pattern, Advance 7973 from the 1950’s has … Continue reading

New Items in the Shop

Just dropping in to let you know I’ve been a busy bee in the pattern shop. There are now over 600 items listed! That means that there are now more patterns listed than unlisted in my house. Hurray!
Take a look at some of the new beauties up for grabs. Like this one:

or this one:

And of course there’s plenty of ’70’s love going on in the shop today:


Jump on over to Etsy and drool even if you can’t buy.