Vogue 8747


This is Vogue 8747 view A (bottom right). It’s a princess seamed collared shirt with gathers at the center front of the bust.


This isn’t my favorite piece in my closet. I made this in a cotton shirting material that’s a bit too stiff yet it doesn’t press as well as I would like. I had to shorten the distance between the shoulder and bust so much that I lost all of the cool shaped neckline that I admired in the pattern. I guess this pattern is better suited to some tall elegant lady instead of little tiny me. I also top stitched all of the princess seams, an effect that turned out very well but I made a major boo-boo by top stitching the set-in sleeves. Unfortunately I couldn’t remove the top stitching without leaving marks in the fabric. I also took in the sides at the waist quite a bit to give a little more curvy shape to them. It fit me well before I lost a lot of weight but now its too wide across the middle again. Here I have it pulled to the front:


I topped it off with some awesome vintage buttons from my stash and had one left over so I stitched it to the inside of the button band as a spare.

All said and done, it’s wearable and looks fine but it doesn’t come out to play as often as other pieces.


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