Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers


This must be the greatest sewing pattern of all time. Pants that fit big beautiful butts!

Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers

Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers

To date, I’ve made 5 pairs of Thurlows – two long, three short.


Here is my first pair, now 2 sizes too big. Boo-hoo! They’re a “faux cashemere” fabric and oh-so-soft but after much love they’re starting to pill. They’re lined with a funky black and white swirly cotton print.


I haven’t worn the 2nd pair for you yet because they’re so big now they fall off me. Maybe someday I’ll photograph them neatly folded for you. They’re a gray linen in the same long view as above and the same fabric as below.

My third pair of Thurlows are shorts. In said gray linen. They also are oh-so-way-too-big. Hence the major wrinkles and folds in the butt here. I swear they used to fit. I majorly goofed on the fabric choice though. This linen is too thin and started to pull at the pocket welts to the point where I had to use fray check to keep them from falling apart.


Next up some classic khaki shorts, seen here with my fave raglan sleeve t-shirt pattern, of which I also have 5. Pardon the wrinkles. My life has no room for ironing once something has left my sewing table.


I switch up the welt pockets in favor of some patch pockets for a more casual look. I really love patch pockets on the backside – so sturdy and practical.

Thankfully this pair was unintentionally too small when I made them and now they fit. Hurray!


And finally, I mixed it up with scallop hems! Click through for the full post on these.


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