This raincoat took FOREVER. It was a UFO in my sewing room for at least 15 months. I started out with a wearable test garment because when you’re sewing with waterproof fabric, there’s no room for mistakes. Once that needle has pierced in the wrong place, you’ve sprung a leak. I’m glad I did so because even though this pattern is a “petite” the pockets were so low that I couldn’t put my hands in them. I raised them by several inches for the real garment. The pockets are still not high enough though. My hands can reach them but not comfortably. See how they’re sticking out a bit?

I haven’t take a photo of the test garment but watch this space for a photo of it eventually.

I started with Burda 7237 trench coat as the base pattern. I really wanted a hooded raincoat so I improvised one in place of a collar.


The fabric is a woven plaid laminated on the back with a waterproof mystery product. I carefully waterproofed each seam from the inside using a tent sealant before setting the lining in place. That is why it took forever. I intended to save all the sealing for the last step before attaching the lining. I had sewn the lining into the hood and attached the hood at the neck seam when I realized I forgot to waterproof the hood seam. I was so mad at myself that I cast it aside and left the seam ripping for another day… then another month… then another year. I told my kids I put my raincoat in “timeout.” lol

I eventually got tired of waiting at the bus stop holding an umbrella so I picked it up and finished it once and for all. I added jumbo vintage anchor buttons to finish the front and bemberg lining on the inside.


Flasher pic alert!

The raincoat is fantastic for a light or steady rain but it doesn’t hold up to a downpour. I was recently caught waiting for my day care kids to get off the bus in a torrential thunderstorm with lightening constantly flashing all around me. It was absolutely pouring but I didn’t dare put up the umbrella for fear of being struck by lightening. I actually huddled on the ground like a turtle in my raincoat shell. They held school dismissal because the storm was so bad and I ended up waiting there for well over 30 minutes. In the mean time, all those seams on the hood and around the neck that I had to pick out and restitch leaked despite my best sealing efforts. I had water dripping down the back of my neck. I was one very unhappy and soaking wet mama when my kids finally got off the bus.

Lesson learned: Don’t make mistakes on a raincoat!



One thought on “Raincoat

  1. Oh, excellent! Thank you for sharing! Glad you finally got it finished and mine is a purely useless raincoat ( in England!!!) as it is not waterproof! Haha

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