Cake Patterns Tiramissu

cake tiramisu 1

Dress: made by me, Cake Patterns Tiramisu, Necklace & Earrings: made by me, natural coral strung on silk, SP fishhook earring wires

This is my first make from Cake Patterns. It’s their Tiramissu dress. This dress has been worn to death across the blogosphere for good reason. Its so comfy! This one is a red and white narrow striped knit cut following the pattern’s stripe layout. I love that it even HAS a stripe layout on the pieces!

This thing photographs terribly and it all looks like a mess of visual noise so you only get one pic. Sorry! It was a headache (literally) to sew because of that narrow stripe and the kids tell me not to move around too fast in this dress because it makes them dizzy to look at me! Haha!

I sewed it pretty much straight out of the envelope because it has those fantastic “customize your size” marks where you connect the dots, triangles, and squares to get a completely custom fit from the start. I did omit the underbust gathers because my bust is so flat that the gathers didn’t have to be gathered to match up to the midriff piece! I also shortened the neckband because I was getting too much gapage in the surplice. I also chopped off the skirt at the smallest size and then trimmed a bit more from the bottom to get it to hit where I like.

I put the side seam pockets in there, but I have to say they’re fairly useless to me. This fabric is far too stretchy even with twill tape stabilizing the pocket area. To me the only purpose for pockets is to have somewhere to put my phone but it weighs the skirt down so far my phone nearly hits my knee. Next time I will certainly omit them unless I’m using a very firm knit or I stabilize the entire side seam with twill tape – hey that’s not a bad thought… maybe that would actually work!


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