Beachy Butterick 5901


When my dear Hancock Fabrics closed, I picked up this piece of heavy but slinky floral knit. I haven’t a clue of the fiber content but I’m sure it’s all synthetic. It was a factory remnant and had a few large areas where the printing ink was smeared terribly but I knew that with careful cutting there would be enough of it for a little wrap skirt to wear as a beach cover-up or just hanging out in our favorite little island town, Chincoteague on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, home of the famous wild ponies (The ponies actually live on Assateague Island just across the little channel but everyone knows them as the Chincoteague ponies.) I have a few wrap skirts in my vintage pattern stash, each not much different than the last but I decided to try out one I’ve never worked with before. Butterick See & Sew 5901 is undated but based on the envelope design and photo styling, it’s solidly a 1970’s pattern.

It’s multi-sized M, L and XL. I didn’t realize it when I hastily saved it for myself from a lot of patterns destined for my shop but the original owner slashed and spread it to enlarge it about 4 inches above the XL size. Since I was going for the medium, that meant it was just easier to use the pieces as a rough guide to trace my own. If I’d realized that I was going to put that much effort into this pattern, I never would have kept it and would have just stuck with one of my other wraps skirts – perhaps even the pattern first piece of clothing I ever made.

In any case, I traced it off and made major adjustments including chopping about 15 inches off the bottom and cutting what should have been on the fold as two pieces to fit on my damaged fabric.

Aside from seaming the center back, the only construction change I made was omitting a buttonhole in the waistband for the tie to thread through. I didn’t want to fool with a buttonhole on a spandexy knit fabric and I don’t think it made much styling difference in the end. I did, however, construct the whole thing on my serger and finish the edges with my coverstitch. Oh, I also left off the interfacing on the waistband and ties. Ok, ok. so I made about as many construction changes to a wrap skirt as one possibly could. Haha!

It was a lovely quick project for the most part and tremendously satisfying. I know I’ll get lots of wear out of it on our frequent weekend getaways to Chincoteague.  In fact, I donned it at least 5 times this past weekend alone. DSC_0620
Thanks to my 6 year old for his photography skills since the kids and I made this beach trek without Daddy and I didn’t pack a tripod. Also, enjoy my North Pole tan. LOL!



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