Burda 6764

Here’s the quick little top I promised you two weeks ago. I’m still catching my breath and catching up on “me time” after sending a herd of kids back to school.

This is burda style 6764. I made view A and will never, ever make view B, as it makes even the size negative 2 model look broad shouldered. I imagine I’d look like a linebacker in it with my actual wide shoulders.


Anyway, this was a pretty straightforward pattern to work. I adjusted the flat pattern before cutting, shortening it between the shoulder and bust apex, as usual. In this case, I took it all out just under the armpit so as not to interfere with the gathered yoke.

I did all the sewing on my serger and coverstitch machine. Following the pattern, I stabilized the neckline. I used strips of fusible interfacing though it said to use Vilene bias tape. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think Vilene tape is readily available in the U.S.. – at least not anywhere I shop.

Much of my time was spent switching back and forth between machines, as I only have the table surface for either the serger or coverstitch and must trade them as needed. Often this requires swapping out thread, too, since I only keep 4 cones of each major color I work with, but this time I used 3 regular spools of black in the coverstitch, as I happened to have plenty of those.

Aside from swapping machines, it came together  very quickly and easily. The yoke gathers gave me a little trouble and are less evenly spaced on one side, while very pretty on the other. I wish I had basted them in place prior to serging the seam. But at that point it was too late and wasn’t awful enough to rip out all that serger thread!

I wasn’t sure how I would feel about the horizontal seam that runs across the back where the yoke joins the body but in this dark gray knit fabric it’s hardly noticeable. I considered altering the pattern and cutting the yoke and back all in one, but soon realized that the yoke must be separate to finish the armhole edge and still provide seam allowance for the back to join the front at the side seams.


While the interfaced neckline holds shape and doesn’t exactly gape, I found myself a bit exposed when bending over with kids all day simply because it’s low cut. I wore a safety pin where the neckline crosses and you can find it if you look closely where the center front is pulling. I think I’ll tack the center front together before another wear. In fact, it’s sitting all freshly laundered on my sewing table waiting for a tack right now.

On a completely separate note, check out the new necklace I made! DSC_0577

Isn’t it cute? I dabble in jewelry making and came across these little sewing charms a few months ago. I usually stick to making more “from scratch” pieces of jewelry rather than “slap and dash” things, but I loved these little guys too much to leave them behind. From your left to right there are a thimble, antique sewing machine, scissors, button, and spool of thread.

See you shortly with a beachy make!



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