Boy’s Frozen Sweater

Like all kids between the ages of 2 and 12, my son is obsessed with a certain very cold themed kids movie but I’m too cheap and consumer-conscious to buy him all the Disney-branded merchandise. However, my mother-in-law treated us all to tickets to the Disney on Ice Frozen production, so I figured he could use a generic snowflake sweater to wear to the event and call it his Frozen sweater.


I used the same snowflake chart I used for my first fair isle hat and I used the same pattern, measurements, and yarn from his striped sweater.


The whole thing went along quite well through the body. When I tried working the fair isle on sleeves on double pointed needles, it was seriously tough. I had two yarns feeding on two hands (English style for contrast & Continental style for main color) while working a sleeve in the round on DPNs. Yikes! Usually on DPNs, one has to pull the yarn tight transitioning from one needle to the next to avoid a gap in the work. However, the fair isle floats required working loosely and leaving the yarn hanging in the back! GAH! It will be a long, long time before I try color work on DPNS again!


It didn’t turn out too badly, but the sleeves are certainly pulled-in where the snowflake bands appear, while I think I did a half-decent job on the body snowflakes. Only a very little pulling in a few spots.


In any case, the boy loves his “Frozen” sweater and it only cost me about $12 – a heck of a lot less than his grandma paid for that flashy snowflake wand at the event.



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