Boy’s Cardigan

My son had a serious lack of lightweight outerwear that he could fit over his giant head as most of the hand-me-downs we received were over-the-head jackets with half zippers. I decided to knit him up a thick and quick cardigan to solve the problem.


I used Lion Brand Hometown USA in Santa Fe Tweed, a super bulky weight yarn that works up at 2.25 stitches per inch, making it really fast to work with. which is a good thing as I ended up winging the design as I went, resulting in lots of ripping and retries. I should have just sat down with a pencil, measuring tape, and calculator to figure everything out but of course that would have made too much sense.

I started this project way back before the summer hit, but lost motivation as the temperatures started into the 90’s. I set it aside and picked it up again as the weather cooled off this fall and we tried to cram his head through necklines that just wouldn’t fit.

After countless restarts, I finally finished it up and he wore it a few times. Sadly, I made the fronts too big because I stupidly added the button bands in addition to the stitch count that equaled the finished width. That made for too wide of a neckline and it’s a little breezy.

I added shaped pockets to the front, which my son LOOOVES to jam his hands deep down into and straighten out his arms.



I had some leftover yarn so I worked up a little beanie hat for him to match. It was so fast I was done with it in less than an hour, I believe. Bonus: I made the hat just the right size for his noggin.

He loves both pieces- enough to wear them out to play and roll in the leaves & moss. The final result is a way stretched out sweater that’s full of embedded moss and leaves (even after several washes) which is nearly useless and a lovely little hat that matches.


P.S. – Sorry for the cruddy cell phone pics with my cracked camera lens! He wouldn’t cooperate in modeling when I had my good camera, yet when all I had was my cracked cell in my pocket, he said, “Take my picture, Mama!”


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