Lagon Sweater

For starters, let’s get this straight. The pattern is called “Lagon” but it uses the yarn colorway “Lagoon” in the sample knit. It may be the hormonal rage talking here, but really, it seriously bugs me when a published piece has such an awful, obvious misspelling – and it’s not a typo, as it appears that way several times throughout the pattern and pattern page on Ravelry. GAAAH!


(I also just noticed looking at these photos that I have it on backwards! LOL! I can see the place where the border is joined which is supposed to be the back! Oops!)

Well now that we have that out of the way, let’s talk about the actual pattern. It’s a lovely, all-over cabled pattern in which one cables every other stitch on the cable rows. Serious time sucker! That said, it still only took me a little over a week to finish since it’s all in the round and seamless. I was hoping to bide my time a little longer with my knitting since yarn funds are in short supply right now and all that I have stashed is for things I can’t fit into until spring. Look forward to seeing some cheap, cheap, cheap-o yarn choices in the near future.

Speaking of cheap-o yarn… I hate this color, but I bought it for the price. Have you ever done that? It’s a mill-end remnant bag from Jo-Ann’s that has unidentified fibers but it looks and feels exactly like the Sirdar Baby Bamboo so I bought it despite the color. Normally a ball of bamboo yarn runs about $7 but I got 10 balls for under $5 after I used my coupon. I figure I’ll wear it a few times as-is but I’ll probably end up dying it purple.


I’m quite happy with the entire thing except the neckline is waaaaay too big. It falls off my shoulders and would be completely unwearable as-written. After it was complete, I inserted two straight running stitches all the way around the neckline on the inside to gather it, then tied it off to the appropriate size. It’s still plenty large enough to pull on and off over my head.


What’s not large enough is the belly – for my baby belly, that is. And these photos were taken 4 weeks ago. I’ve just been slow to load them and blog it.  So for now, here’s another lovely finished item that will have to wait a few months to enjoy.

Ravelry notes here.


3 thoughts on “Lagon Sweater

  1. I’m sorry you don’t care for the color, I think it looks nice on you. But I like purple too – like an eggplant purple. 🙂

    Aww, your baby/belly looks so cute in this top. Is that weird to say??? I hope not. Belated congrats from me.

    • Thank you Liz. I think it’s a goos color on me but I’m just not a pink fan. I agree: eggplant purple!
      Not weird to say baby belly is cute 🙂 nice to hear I don’t look like a whale yet! 🙂

      • Lol, you’re soo NOT a whale. I bet it will feel like that at 8+ months, but I never see pregnant women and think they’re fat or whale-ish. hehehe They’re usually radiant & well… pregnant.

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