It’s a tank top. No, it’s a skirt!

Believe it or not, this skirt began life as the Lovestory tank top by Anne B. Hanssen.



I swatched (checked gauge) for it when I first arrived at the beach for a 4 day Independence Day vacation. I must have had a bit of pent up stress because my gauge was tight. I began knitting through a few of the lace repeats but I had an adult beverage or two (this was early July before I found out I was pregnant!) and managed to mess up the lace too much to save it. I tossed it aside for the rest of the vacation and picked up up again when I returned home. I ripped it out and started over but didn’t swatch again.

After a relaxing vacation, my knitting must have loosened up along with my stress. I was working on a 24″ circular needle so I didn’t think much of the fact that it was bunched up and gathered on the needle. When it got to the underarm divide, I decided to try it on so I transferred all the stitches to scrap yarn and pulled it on to discover that it was at least 6″ too wide! EEP! That just doesn’t cut it in my book. Not even for a full-coverage sweater, say nothing about a tank top! Disgusted at myself for not rechecking gauge, I tossed in on my lap and sighed, knowing that I’d have to rip it all out to the beginning again.

It was then that I had a eureka moment. As it lay there on my lap, I realized it would make a cute skirt. I took the measurements and found that it was actually big enough to make a skirt! I happily picked it up again, knit a few more straight rows, and bound it off. I folded over the top edge, stuck it under the sewing machine, and stitched an elastic casing around the top. Ta-da! Skirt!


Guess I’ll have to try again for a tank top but for now at least I have a very cute wearable garment (if I ever see my natural waistline again, that is).

Oh, Ravelry notes here.


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