Mirabell Top

I have a backlog of knitting projects that I never got around to photographing before my belly outgrew them so you’ll have to settle for my dressform as a model for a little while.


This is the Mirabell top pattern from Drops Designs. I made a ton of fitting changes as well as altered the sleeve construction method, which you can read about in my Ravelry notes, if you so desire.

I used Ella Rae Shibu yarn, a 90% silk, 10% rayon yarn. That content would lead you to believe that it’s slippery and soft, but in fact it’s nearly the texture of linen – stiff and coarse. I liked it on the ball but knitted up it’s kind of yucky. Even if it weren’t discontinued, I’d cross it off my purchase list immediately.


In all my adjustments, I think I made the yoke a little too tight, as the lacework really pulls. Perhaps if the yarn were more flexible it wouldn’t be as noticeable but it’s still quite wearable. I really like the overall appearance of the top, I just don’t care for the feel. I may someday make this again with a softer yarn.


4 thoughts on “Mirabell Top

  1. Never ceases to amaze and delight me when such gawjus creations come off the needles. The pattern is lovely, even though you don’t like the yarn!
    (still humid up here – how you doin’ down south?)

  2. This is a beautiful pattern, I really like the shaping of the finished garment. Too bad you found the yarn yucky, but atleast it provided a nice testrun for the pattern 🙂 It looks lovely!

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