BIG NEWS & TMS Sept Challenge

It’s been deathly quiet around here because I’ve been too tired to write a post. In fact I’ve been too tired to do much of anything for the past 14 weeks because I’m expecting! Baby is due to make an appearance in March 2015.

We thought we couldn’t have any more children despite wanting at least one more so I got rid of 90% of my maternity and baby stuff. That meant that when I found out about this little one, I thought I could still stick to my RTW Fast and make some maternity pants and tops before the need arose. But much to my surprise, my waistline has grown a whopping 8 inches in just 10 weeks! When I was pregnant with my son 5 years ago, I had a mammoth belly but not quite this early. I found myself in need of maternity pants by just 6 weeks into it this time. I tried and tried in vain to find some maternity pants in my size in thrift stores around the area. But alas, it was just not possible. The need was so urgent and I had so little energy that I caved. I hung my head low and shopped Target’s maternity section. I was, as expected, disgusted by what shoddy quality and poor sizing I found. Five years ago when I wore Target’s store brand maternity jeans, I was in a size 6. Now I’m in their size 2 (which are still 4″ too long! Gah! I hate hemming jeans!) and I’m still the same measurements. It’s the sad, sad reality of vanity sizing. I really feel for those who are actually very tiny because they no longer make things in tiny sizes.

Despite having been forced to buy RTW pants, I did manage to make a maternity shirt from Simplicity 1469, Megan Nielsen’s Simplicity maternity & nursing top/dress pattern. I used a simple white rayon/cotton/spandex jersey that was left from another project (soon to be blogged).
I missed out on blogging my May Monthly Stitch challenge: Sew Stretchy because I stained the knit top I made within three hours of putting it on for the first time. Needless to say, covered in taco grease it wasn’t photo or blog worthy at that point. So I’ll count this one as my May/September’s challenge: Amnesty Month, in which we can redeem ourselves for missing out on previous challenges from the past year (I’ll hopefully fit in at least one more Amnesty redemption before next week).

According to the envelope, I should be a size medium but I measured the flat pattern and found that to be way too big. I went with a straight size small. Then once it was finished, I ended up taking the sides in by 5/8″ on each side. Man I hate the over sizing on the Big 4 companies.
I hesitated and didn’t adjust the shoulder-to-bust length because I was going down a size and it appeared to be close enough. This one ended up being a little long in that region but as my bust continues to blossom, I suppose it will be O.K.

I generally followed the pattern directions with one exception. In finishing all of the exposed edges – necklines, sleeves, and bottom hem, I first serged right on the edge, incorporating a strip of fusible tricot interfacing glue side UP on the wrong side of the fabric.
Then I folded over the 5/8″ edge and pressed, fusing the interfacing down and actually holding the hem in place. Finally I took it to my regular machine and zigzag top stitched the entire hem. (ICK! Placing bright white fabric on my dingy ironing board makes me realize I need a new cover!)
This method worked so beautifully I want to use it on all knit hems now! Check out that pretty, ripple-free hem! Yay!

The only real trouble I had on the pattern was with the lower bodice (skirt) pleats. I had them all basted in place nicely but when I serged the seam, something went awry with all the pleats on one side so I picked out all the serger stitches and redid them. All turned out well in the end.

I’ve already started a second top from this pattern and cut the XS this time. I’m hoping the shorter bodice length already accounted for in the XS will be enough to compensate for my short shoulder-to-bust measurement. I will be making the bejeezus out of this pattern in the next few weeks here but I’ll also be sharing a whole ton of other non-maternity sewing and knitting that I’ve just been too exhausted to photograph up until now. Stay tuned!

And don’t forget to hop over to TMS and check out all the other awesome September Amnesty sewing happening around the globe.


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