Doll Clothes

My niece turned two last week and wanted more clothes to dress up her baby that I made her for Christmas.

Simplicity 2809

The one on the right is her’s.

She loves Baby so much that she drags her along to the park and sends her flying down the slide before she follows. Of course Baby gets a little dirty that way, so naturally she needs a change of clothes.

I used the same pattern and a few coordinating fabrics from the remnant bin at Jo-Ann’s to create a whole wardrobe for Baby.


I made a few changes to create different pieces. I lengthened the legs on the panties to create purple pants. I also chopped the bottom off of the sleep sack and flipped the opening to the back to create a long dress. On that long dress and the pink sleep sack I swapped a zipper for velcro just because I forgot to buy zippers for this project. I also omitted the binding on the sack and dress in favor of serging and turning. I made the purple top according to the directions being self-lined but the fabric was just too thick so I used a single layer and serged the edges for the pink top. I think everything else is according to the pattern.

These certainly aren’t my finest pieces of sewing but they will do to indulge a two-year-old’s whims.


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