Itty Bitty Baby Things

My BFF is expecting a little boy and due to complications, they anticipate she will deliver him before 28 weeks so needless to say he will be teeny tiny.

I knitted a couple of little premie baby hats using the Preemie Hats for Charity pattern on Ravelry. I made the all ribbed version which is naturally much more drawn in so smaller to start with but it will stretch as he grows. I also made the “striped” version that I clearly didn’t make striped. Just followed the instructions minus changing yarns. The second one is much larger and will fit him after a few months.
Since no one makes premie socks small enough for micropreemies like this little guy, I whipped up a couple tiny pairs of socks to match the hats in size and yarn.

I used Premier Yarns Cotton Fair which is quite possibly my new favorite yarn. I love how soft and easy-care this stuff is and it doesn’t break the bank. I want to make everything in this yarn now!

These itty bitties make me teary-eyed just to think of how small he is going to be! Here’s praying for a safe and healthy, albeit tiny, baby boy for my bff.

Ravelry notes here. 


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