Completed: Sparkly Cowl Top

You know how much I love to remake a pattern and this cowl neck top that I drafted based on instructions from Threads is no exception. The original is in regular wardrobe rotation and anytime the temperature rises above 45 degrees, I don it with glee – both for the pleasure of wearing the top and the sheer joy of not having to be wrapped from head to toe in wooly things.

As part of a mega cutting marathon way back when I cut the red cords , a simple boy’s shirt, and the second super shirt, I cut out this top from a sparkly blue gray knit that I picked up at Jo-Ann’s on red tag clearance. I’d lovingly petted this fabric for the past 4 or 5 trips into Jo-Ann’s but always convinced myself to put it back because I don’t need a sparkly knit. Finally I decided that since I gravitated to it time and again, that I’d have to gravitate toward it hanging in my closet.


I knew that the cowl top would be the perfect pattern match from the start. This fabric has the perfect weight and drape for the cowl but is too floppy for anything else.

I busted out the TNT pattern and had it all cut out in no time. I remembered to cut that back neck binding longer so as not to pull on the front like the first one did, but sadly I forgot to read my own damn note that I scrawled directly onto the pattern at the cowl facing line. I wanted to cut the facing just a bit deeper so it wouldn’t show on the right side. I blame the fact that I had turned the pattern piece face down to fit my cutting layout better. Oh well.


I actually stitched it up very quickly afterwards and it came together effortlessly. I had to serge the raw edge of the cowl facing, which I didn’t have to do with the other cowl top, but everything else was kept the same. I’m just ridiculously slow at blogging it because I had been so caught up in all things Sigler Sweater.

I was very pleased with this top until I tried it on and realized how sheer it is! Yikes! I absolutely must wear a camisole underneath. But I love it anyway and if spring ever decides to join us here in Virginia, I’ll be happy to wear this in regular rotation.


If you’re a part of the RTW Fasters, you may recognize this fabric as a popular little tease I gave! A much-anticipated post about the bonus project from this fabric is coming as soon as the weather isn’t too frigid to go sleeveless!


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