Sew Sad…

Remember this cute little number?


Remember how I had to cut the cape on the cross grain and it was sagging terribly? Well the boy had worn it so much and it stretched so badly that it was dragging on the floor. I was just dragging my feet to shorten it.

The other day Mr. Super Hero was riding his new big boy bike around the back yard while wear his super hero shirt. Mama wisely tucked the cape inside of the back of his collar so that it wouldn’t get stuck in the wheel. Sadly, as Mr. Super Hero played while Super Mama and Super Dad cooked dinner, the cape fell free of the collar, was sucked into the back wheel and got stuck in the bike chain!


That nice big hunk of fabric at the bottom is what Super Dad yanked free of the chain after it had already ripped off of the cape. Effectively shortened.

The boy was sad but at least he wasn’t hurt in the little hang up. I assured him that I could fix it up in no time. I zipped it across on the serger and tidied up the (really) raw end. Though I marked the spot to cut it off about 3 inches below the shirt hem, once it was cut, the weight of the rest of the cape was no longer holding it down so it sprung up to essentially even with the hem. (I swear that is cut straight and just curling up.)


Hopefully it will actually stretch and sag just a little more now so it’s not so short. But the Mama boy is ready to save the day again… just not while riding a bike.




2 thoughts on “Sew Sad…

  1. Oh NO!!! Glad he is okay. I teach workshops at various schools and we have a policy not to use hanging nametags that are put around the neck on a piece of string for just this reason. They can get caught in anything and….

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