Introducing the Sigler Sweater

I’d like to introduce you to the Sigler Sweater from Vint Hill Knits!


This is the project that I’ve been secretly working on for months and its FINALLY ready!

The Sigler Sweater is a classic v-neck pullover with alternating cables & ribs, worked bottom-up in the round to the underarm, then divided and worked flat to the shoulder.


Long, set-in sleeves feature a ribbed cuff and the cables & ribs pattern. They are worked cuff-up in the round, then worked flat to shape the sleeve head. A shallow v-neck crossover neckband is picked up and rib knitted to finish the piece.


Take a look at that beautiful stitch definition in the cabled pattern thanks to the ever lovely Berroco Vintage yarn. Since it’s worked in worsted weight yarn, this is a fairly quick knit for a long sleeve pullover, even with all the patterning.


You can block it to establish a straight body or leave it unblocked so it will hug your curves. This sample is a size medium with a finished measurement of 40″. I’ve left it unblocked so it hugs my 37″ bust and 27″ waist and gives the appearance of negative ease without feeling tight.


This beauty is so versitile. Sigler can be casual or dressy as you want it to be. Hanging around the house today? Toss it on with a pair of jeans. Going to a job interview? Pull Sigler on over a collared shirt and pair it with slacks or a pencil skirt.

Why is it named Sigler? When I started out with my Etsy vintage sewing pattern shop, Vint Hill Vintage, I named it after an area not too far from my home known as Vint Hill. Years ago, when I was a kid and we took drives through the countryside on our way to the lake, there was a vinyard and a bunch of farms there. Now it’s grown into a small town that’s not really a town. I decided to keep rolling with my Vint Hill theme and name my knitting patterns (yes, there are more in the pipeline!) after roads in the Vint Hill area. Sigler Road is the first from which I drew inspiration.


Are you as much in love with this sweater as I am? You can pick up your very own copy of the Sigler Sweater pattern through my Ravelry shop. Be sure to post your project and share your progress. I believe in customer service and I’m here to answer all your questions and coach you through it should you need anything on your knitting adventure.


I can’t wait to see what you make! I’ll just leave you with a fabulous picture of me trying my very best magazine model impression. 


4 thoughts on “Introducing the Sigler Sweater

  1. I love your sweater. I have been wanting to get back into knitting, I’m going to have to wait for the pattern to be released. I just don’t have the time for a full sweater. I’m sue that you will have more volunteers than you can handle.

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