VOTE: Which Wool Will I Make in March?

(Try to say that title three times fast!)

It’s a double post bonus day, friends, because I’m a lazy busy blogger and just realized I haven’t gotten around to posting this yet!


The Monthly Stitch March Challenge is Miss Bossy Patterns, which means that we TMS bloggers are to chose three unmade patterns from our stash and ask readers to vote for the one they want to see us make in March. Most of us have also chosen fabrics from our stash to pair with the patterns, as I have done.

All three of the fabrics I’ve chosen are 100% wools that I purchased at Hancock Fabrics on Black Friday 2013 when they were having their $5/yd wool special. I stocked up because 1. my local Joann’s selection of wools is limited 2. it’s a long drive from me to Hancock 3. I couldn’t resist such a bargain and 4. I need some more warmth in my winter wardrobe!

Additionally, all three of my patterns are from my vintage selection.

Are you ready for your choices (my choices?):


First up is Butterick 9975 from 1962. The envelope is actually undated, as are most vintage Buttericks, but a handwritten notation on it says “May ’62” and a few alteration notes. I picked up this pattern on Etsy last summer. I rarely buy vintage patterns at retail prices because of my business but when I stumbled across this one, I had to have it. In fact, it’s only the second vintage pattern for which I’ve paid retail value! In any case, I think it’s the perfect combination of a classic shirt dress with a generous skirt and I adore that collar shaping. Plus I absolutely love the illustration of view A (blue) because it looks like my mom if she were to dye her hair blonde. Too bad the envelope is ripped right across her poor face. 😦 Anyone have an in-tact copy of this they would like to send me so I can enjoy my mom as a fashion model? Hehe!  Anyway, I would pair this Butterick shirt dress pattern with the plum-colored wool crepe you see under it.


The next choice is Simplicity 5052, a jiffy jumper. This one is from 1962 or 1963 when Simplicity forgot to date their pattern envelopes. (What where they thinking? Didn’t they realize it would make my job so much harder when it came to reselling their patterns?!) I’ve been planning to make a jumper forever and ever but just haven’t gotten around to it. I chose this black and white tweed wool for it. I’d layer this over a nice collared shirt or maybe a sweater but I’d have to figure out some kind of lining to keep it off of my sensitive skin. I don’t think it will be too difficult with the simple lines of this pattern, though.


And finally we have a pencil skirt, Simplicity 5788 from 1982. There is something so classic and alluring about a pencil skirt but I’ve never owned one because RTW porportions are NOT built for a mega-pear shaped girl like me. When you have 12″ difference between your waist and hip measurements and generous former gymnast thighs, there’s no chance of looking good in a store bought pencil skirt. I know I have a ton of alterations to be done with this one so I’ve put it off for too long now. Even this “personal fit” pattern leaves a lot of work left to be done. I’ve chosen a very heavily textured brownish-colored wool that has a faint appearance of a herringbone that’s hard to pick up on in the pictures. If this goes unlined it would constantly ride up my tights or stockings so lining is a must.

Now it’s your turn to talk. Please boss me around and tell me which wool will it be? Voting will stay open through the weekend. I also enjoy hearing why you chose what you did, so comments are welcome, too.

UPDATE: Voting is now closed. Thank you for all your feedback!


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