Completed: Red Cords

I can’t help myself. I love remaking a favorite pattern. I’ve made another Thurlow skirt, this time in red corduroy.


I scored this piece of yardage at Jo-Ann’s for half off of the red tag clearance price which means I paid just $5 for 2 yards.


I cut this out as part of my mega cutting spree a few Sundays ago when I cut 8 projects in one day: 1 super hero shirt, 1 plain blue boy shirt, 1 red cord skirt, 1 red cord boy pants (I’ll get to that in a minute), 2 pairs of jeans yet to be sewn, and 2 tops that you’ll get to see soon. I hate cutting so when the mood strikes me, the scissors start flying and scraps start hitting the floor.

There’s not a ton to say about this skirt since it’s just like the other two. I lined it with some leftover gray quilting cotton that I used on the last one. I tried to use buttons from my vintage stash but didn’t have enough of the same so I ended up buying some boring old red plastic things.


When I finished cutting the skirt, I realized I would have plenty of fabric left for a small project and the perfect thing hit me instantly: a pair of cords for my boy. He’s at an awkward size right now – he’s needs the width of the size 3T and the length of the size 4T. The result has been him running around in 4T pants and having to hike up his britches all day long to avoid the dreaded plumber’s problem.


I used a TNT pattern, New Look 6880 for his pants in size 3 but added about 3″ to the length. They are basic elastic waistband pull-on pants so I added a pair of patch pockets on the back side for interest.


Since the pants were so easy peasy, I whipped them up first so the boy would have something to wear. Once I had completely finished sewing the pants, I started on the skirt. I was happily stitching along when I realized that I had cut the skirt waistband only from lining fabric and NOT out of fashion fabric! DOH! I guess that happens when you’re in a cutting marathon and cut 50 pattern pieces at a time. Thankfully the pants needn’t be sacrificed because I had a strip of fabric left that was just wide enough for the skirt waistband. Unfortunately, it had to be cut on the crossgrain, rather than straight – a bit of a bummer considering it’s corduroy. It turned out to be visually interesting in the end, so I won’t complain. I have already worn this skirt several times and I love it almost as much as I love the gray one. Now I just have to be careful not to dress us in matching mother-son outfits by accident – it wouldn’t be the first time!

Also, I’m going to count these pants as my Monthly Stitch February Pants Challenge since it’s now February 25 and I haven’t sewn a stitch on those jeans I intended for the challenge. I don’t see how I’m going to fit them in before Friday, either. I have a mandatory job training this evening, ASL class tomorrow evening, and I’ll be exhausted by Thursday evening from having all of my school kids here all day while their parents and teachers hold conferences. Plus I’m supposed to pull a 4th birthday party together by the weekend. I’d better go cover my sewing machines so they don’t gather dust…


3 thoughts on “Completed: Red Cords

  1. Great skirt! I’m one of those folks that is a fan of corduroy. Actually I think that have some of the skirt with the wales going cross-wise and some with the wales going vertical is a great idea! Even for a skirt pattern where there are seams or godets, etc. to change up the direction.

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