Completed: Corduroy Skirt

I actually completed this skirt ages ago. I’ve worn it half to death, already ripped the bottom buttonhole and had to re-hem it! Despite having even photographed it the first time I wore it, I just never got around to blogging it because I’ve been busy stitching and not writing.


This is another Thurlow Skirt from my crazy franken-pattern. It’s a very tiny wale corduroy from Jo-Ann’s – nothing terribly special. I grabbed a single yard of it one day to make this skirt because I used just one yard on the butterfly denim version. I took it home, washed it, got my pattern out, and started to lay it out when I slapped myself in the forehead. I had only used one yard of butterfly denim because it was 60″ wide. The corduroy was only 44″ wide. DOH!

Back to Jo-Ann’s I went the next day, grabbed another yard of gray tiny wale corduroy and went home. Washed it and started to lay the pattern out when I slapped myself in the forehead again. It was a different fabric. The wales on the second yard were just ever-so-slightly narrower but enough to notice the difference. Double DOH!

Now back to Jo-Ann’s once more with both fabrics in hand to match at least one of them! I chose one, got another yard and took it home. This time I successfully laid out the pattern on two matching yards, cut it out, and stitched it up.

I used a boring gray cotton quilting fabric for lining this time. Nothing fun or fancy.


I added some basic new gray buttons down the front – 10 in all.


Once I put this on and photographed it for you I realized how terribly crooked the side of the hem was! Eek! I knew I had to fix it but I wore it at least a half-dozen times with the crooked hem.


It wasn’t until Christmas Eve when I climbed into my husband’s truck to go to the late service at church and I ripped the fabric wide open were the bottom button was attached. It was a serious tear and no saving it as it was. I kept my coat on during church and threw the skirt  on my sewing table when I got home.

I chopped it off to the height of the rip, sacrificing the bottom button and buttonhole in the process but at least the hem is straight now! But you don’t get straight hem pictures though, because it’s too blasted cold outside to stand out there for pics now. We are expecting overnight temps near zero degrees Fahrenheit tonight. That’s like negative 18 Celsius or something nutty like that. BRRR!



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