Re-SEW-lutions 2014

Happy New Year, my friends!

I’m not big on those year-in-review bits so I abstained from boring you with mine. However, I do love New Year’s resolutions. I usually manage to keep mine (until at least April) so I’m here to share with you my re-SEW-lutions for 2014. I’ll also throw in the knitting because one often necessarily sews with knitting as well.


1. I have taken the Goodbye Valentino RTW Fast 2014 challenge. I, Erin of Vint Hill Vintage, shall abstain from buying ready to wear clothing (for myself) for the duration of 2014, excepted only by shoes because I can’t cobble despite my undying desire to learn; bras because I’ve been there, done that, and failed miserably; and tights because who in their right mind knits tights?! I even tried to find a pattern once and couldn’t. I will sew, knit, or thrift all other clothing items this year.

I actually did this in 2013 with the exception of a couple pairs of undies so I think I can handle it.

If you want to learn more or hop on board with the RTW Fast jump over to Goodbye Valentino’s blog right this minute and get the details. You can still join in before she closes the doors at 11 pm EST tonight.


2. I will sew more every day clothes. You know I love my vintage dress patterns but I really need some new basics in my life, especially since I dropped two pants sizes and nothing fits anymore. I’ve already cut out two more pairs of jeans and have plans for at least two more after that. I’m also thinking of lots of Thurlow Trousers in basic colors and fabrics. Let’s face it, I’m a wash-and-wear kinda girl. This dry-clean only stuff is for the birds – or at least people with enough money to spend on dry cleaning bills. I also need some more blouses. I have a desperate hole in my wardrobe by way of tops that aren’t sweaters, cardigans, or t-shirts.


3. I will knit at least 5 long sleeve sweaters that are not cardigans. I’m talking pull-over basics. Maybe after I knock out one I’ll work on some fancier patterning but for now I’m starting with your run-of-the-mill raglan sleeve sweater. Santa left some lovely Berroco Weekend yarn in an aqua color called Clothesline in my stocking for Christmas so I’m set to start on it as soon as I finish what’s on my needles now – sock #12! 😦 and a double knit beanie.


4. I will not be afraid to try new things. For the third year, this is my resolution applicable to my entire life, not just sewing and knitting. Late in 2011, my family experienced a major life changing event which taught me, among other things, to not fear what cannot hurt me. That sounds silly, I know, but how many times have we approached a new technique or challenge with trepidation so great it causes us to put off the task and build it up in our minds to something frightening? I will not let this happen again. Ever. I will not be afraid.

In regard to sewing, I’m looking to conquer pad stitching and other tailoring techniques which seem so complex. I want to learn new ways to construct garments. In knitting I want to master (or at least make a valiant effort at) colorwork – both intarsia and fair isle.

Whatever crafting has in store for me in 2014, bring it on.


That’s it. I’ll leave it at 4 resolutions, seeing as they are both ambitious and broad goals.

I’ve been a busy bee despite being quiet on the blog. I’ve been spending lots of time sewing and knitting and much less time writing – 4 sewing projects and 1 knitting project completed plus a few other tid bits to share. I promise them soon!



6 thoughts on “Re-SEW-lutions 2014

    • Go for it girl. Kids clothes are just smaller and a whole lot easier to fit since they don’t have luscious curves to work around like we do! Plus the seams are shorter so they go faster. I love sewing for my son but he just grows out of it so fast that I don’t do a ton bc I’m giving away my hard work in a month.

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