Completed: White Socks, 12 in 12

I haven’t posted knitting for my 12 in 12 self-challenge in a few weeks but I swear I’ve been working on it.

DSC_0196 DSC_0195


Here are both pairs from my ball of white yarn. Well, really it’s just the same pair I photographed twice since they’re identical. Ha ha!

It’s the same lovely wool & nylon Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn I’ve used for the others.

For both pairs of white socks I took my own advice that I mentioned last time after the solid gray ones and started the toe decreases on the little toe side earlier. In my case I started at the end of 41 rounds, then started big toe decreases at the end of 48 rounds. This meant I had fewer stitches on the needles to graft later, but it worked out just perfectly. This means I have left and right socks but that’s fine with me.

Below I’ve shown you one sock on and one sock off my foot so you can see the fit and the shape.


I also got the US size 0 needles for the cuffs and they are a vast improvement. I don’t know why I thought using the same size (US 1) needles throughout would result in a snug fitting cuff. Honestly I don’t know why the pattern was written that way either. Speaking of the pattern, that reminds me I really should update my Ravelry account. I have been knitting up a storm but not logged into Ravelry to document it.

All went rather swiftly with the first three white socks. The fourth of the white socks was a headache. I forgot to switch needles after the cuff ribbing and didn’t notice until I finished the gusset decreases! I should have just stopped there and taken it as a sign to frog it. But noooo… I had to keep going because it didn’t look too much different.

About 26 rounds into the foot I left my knitting in the bag on the end table with the drawstring un-cinched as I often do. The kids never mess with it. They know the consequence will not be pretty. It sat there happily from the time I left it the evening prior until I ran upstairs to turn on the oven to make lunch for the day care kids. I literally pushed the on button and returned to the playroom/family room to find that my new 2-year-old was giggling as she pulled apart yard after yard of yarn from my sock-in-progress! She pulled out 2 of the needles all the way and the stitches just fell off the ends of the 3rd needle and unraveled down about 16 rounds! I was so sad to see hours of work ruined. I unraveled the rest to a recovery point and set about re-arranging the needles correctly and counting stitches. I eventually finished that sock but it felt like a marathon.

In the end, the fact that I forgot to switch needle sizes isn’t too noticeable but it does feel a little tighter and sits a bit lower on my ankle. Certainly wearable but not great.

On a happier note, I think I finally solved my gusset hole problem! You know that annoying little hole that develops in the corner where you pick up stitches for the gusset? I searched the internet for answers and came up with one that seems to have worked pretty well. Take a look! Thank you, Wise Hilda Knits!

If you’re playing along at home and keeping track of my 12 in 12 challenge, that makes 8 socks down, 4 to go with 6 weeks left. I cast on sock number 9 yesterday and made it through the heel flap so hopefully I’ll even get done early. Then I can start in on one of the bazillion knitting plans floating around in my head! I really must learn to knit (and sew) faster but then I remember how it’s all about the process – unless you have cold feet that need wooly socks, that is!



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