Guess who’s in Threads!

Guess who’s in the latest edition of Threads magazine (#170)!


Yep! This girl! Ok, ok, it’s not like I was featured in an article or something but my tip got published and I got paid for it! I even took a pic of it with my color coded pins for you!

This sucker took forever to get through publication. I submitted it back in the spring. They acknowledged my submission via email and thanked me for it but I never heard more about it until today.

Funny thing is… I had this issue sitting on my counter for nearly 3 weeks just waiting for me to have time to read it. I got a letter in the mail today telling me the issue number and requesting my signature & SSN so they could pay me for my submission. I ran inside from the mailbox and snapped up the magazine to find it! There it was, sitting under my nose for weeks! Ha!

Alright, perhaps I’m a little too giddy about this. I’ll go set to work on a few more regular posts for you now.


Oh… and if you feel like stalking me for real now that you see my full name and city, be forewarned that this household is more heavily armed than the National Guard and I’m a damn good shot (not kidding).


7 thoughts on “Guess who’s in Threads!

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