Completed: wallet

Hi there,

Remember me? It’s been a while. I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth. I’ve just been working 12 and 14 hour days since I enrolled two new kids in my childcare last Monday. I agreed to take them extra early in the mornings while their father attends training for his new job which is a 3 hour each way commute! I’ve been exhausted. I haven’t gotten the kids to nap at the same time so there’s no break during the day. It’s all I can do after the kids go home to put dinner on the table and get my own child bathed and in bed. Hopefully the training is almost done though and I can get back to working my regular 11 hour days.

Oh – and somewhere in the midst of my absence I made a quick trip to North Carolina to visit my 89-year-old Grandmama, the one who taught me to sew. Thirteen hours of driving to spend only 2-1/2 hours with her at the assisted living home but it was totally worth it. We watched the ducks swim around the pond, my son chased the pet rabbits around the yard, and we played bingo with her and her 93-year-old fiancée. Yes, fiancée.

I’ve managed some sock knitting for my 12 in 12, which I’ll show you soon, and a tiny bit of sewing on two small projects.

Today I want to show you what I worked up to match my Haute Handbag – a wallet or something of that nature. I always have folded papers – pattern yardage charts, fabric store ads, coupons, etc. – floating around in my purse that get mashed and wrinkled so I needed a way to protect them.


I searched the stores and scoured the internet to no avail looking for the right antique brass zipper to match the ones that I used on the handbag. I found the pull charms but not the antique brass zipper. I gave up and bought a plain dark brown poly zipper locally.

I used the dimensions of a half sheet of printer paper and added a little “ease” on all side. I stitched some bands of thin elastic to the lining to hold everything down and keep it from exploding like a paper-stuffed piñata whenever I opened it.


Starting at the center fold, I stitched one side of the zipper around three sides, then unzipped it and stitched the other half of the zipper around the other 3 sides. Oops, that equals six sides on a rectangle. You know what I mean, though (I hope).

Then I pressed the open zipper toward the inside and sandwiched it with the lining. I left a small opening on the bottom & turned it. I rolled up some stiff fusible interfacing and shoved it inside, worked it around, then fused it in place. I hand stitched the opening and voila! A wallet-like thing for my papers.


I’ve only had it in my purse for a few days now but what a difference it makes! I don’t feel an overwhelming sense of papers belching out at me every time I open my purse to pay for something. It’s all neatly tucked away until I need it.

I’ll be back soon with another little quickie sewing project, some knitting, and a big forehead slapping moment to share with you.


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