Completed: pink pj pants

The blog has been quiet lately as I was sniffling and coughing for a week and then gave my best shot at running a 5K on Saturday with lungs full of crud in below freezing temps. I was determined to do it though because I’ve been training for it since July. It was about 5 minutes more than my best time and I am aching from head to toe now, but at least I finished.

Needless to say, my sewjo (sewing mojo) took a hike for a few days. All I felt like doing was curling up in bed and knitting. Unfortunately, I realized that I needed to go down a needle size for the ribbing on my socks but I didn’t own size 0 dpns. I had to wait about 5 days for the day my local yarn shop is open late after my work hours so I could go pick up a set of size 0s.

That meant that all I managed to make this past week were these simple pink pj pants… and then immediately crawl into them so I could sleep.


Like the “I’m barely out of bed and standing upright but at least I threw on some earrings” look?

Anyway… these are just one more version of New Look 0918 with the same modifications as the last pair. I sewed everything on the serger except the bottom hem which made them super quick (I think 30 minutes cutting to hemming). I also top stitched through the waistband and elastic at center front, back, and sides to keep the elastic from twisting in its casing. I hate it when I have to spend ten minutes untwisting my elastic! I actually went back and did this to my other pairs of pjs, too. I didn’t bother to try to hide it in the construction details. If anyone is going to inspect my pajamas that closely we have bigger issues at hand!

One detail I’d like to share with you is the bit of ribbon I added at the back waistband to differentiate front and back. I have always thought of having my own labels made up but then I remember how much I hate itchy labels in my clothes so I don’t do it. In my Devine Details class at the Sewing Expo I noticed that Sarah had done this with a high-neck t-shirt that she passed around the class. I thought it was the perfect solution. A tiny silky soft ribbon isn’t going to bother me the way a traditional tag would. Now I can fumble around in the dark and find the back of my pants without having to compare the front and back crotch depth or search for the break in stitching where I closed the casing.


The fabric I used is a tiny gingham flannel that has been sitting in my closet since I made a baby quilt for my now 7-year-old niece. I have no idea why I bought SO much fabric for that quilt but I had about 2-1/2 yards left that was perfect for these pajamas. I couldn’t think of any other project for which I would ever want pink gingham flannel and I figured my husband would never notice if I come to bed looking like a baby quilt.

They are just as comfy and practical as the others. Now that my night clothes have been sufficiently restocked maybe I can put this pattern to bed (har-har!) and move on to other more exciting things.

Today I’m feeling all cleared up and I’ve started work on my TMS November challenge. I have a personal deadline of 8 AM Saturday (you’ll see why) so I’m going to get stitching!


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