Completed: More Gray Socks, 12 in 12


Here’s another pair of gray socks identical to the last pair. Second half of the same skein of yarn. These are socks number 3 and 4 for my 12 in 12 self-challenge and I’m only two weeks in! Yay! Plenty of room for down time.

I didn’t make any changes from the last pair to this one because I was happy with the fit. On the next pair, though, I think I’ll try to adjust the toe decreases so that it slopes more at the little toe and there are right and left socks. See how they bag out a little at the outside of the little toe? I think I can make the next pair that much more perfect.


I finished grafting the toe of the second sock and examined my handiwork to find that I had dropped a stitch way back at the 15th round! GASP! There was no way to fix it! I simply took scrap yarn and a tapestry needle to it. I looped the scrap yarn through the live stitch and pulled it to the inside, wove it around a little and tied it off. Its at the top of my foot so hopefully it won’t be too bothersome. You can only notice it if you look REALLY closely. Can you spy it? I have a hard time finding it in the picture.

Lesson learned: examine work closely and more often while working!


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