Completed: Gray socks, 12 in 12


After I completed the last pair of socks, I challenged myself to make 12 socks in 12 weeks before the end of the year. That would be 6 pairs of warm, wooly socks to keep my feet toasty all winter.

I got really knitty with it this week and in less than 7 days whipped up this pair of gray socks in Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn (75% wool, 25% nylon). I cast on late Tuesday and only worked a few rows then I didn’t even touch my needles on Saturday so it was only 5 days of actual knitting. I’ve been carrying my little project bag around with me everywhere, knitting while I wait in line at the store, waiting for the school bus, and while I watch the kids play on the playground. I get three rounds done here, five more there, and in no time I have a pair of socks!


I used the same pattern as I did on this pair but went with 10 rounds of ribbing for the cuff and 49 rounds for the foot. They are a perfect fit.

Since the ankle socks are short I can get two pairs out of a skein of sock yarn. Look forward to a second pair of these in a few days, followed by a two pairs in black and two in white.

I can’t wait for a whole drawer full of these babies because they make my feet happy!


7 thoughts on “Completed: Gray socks, 12 in 12

    • I encourage you to give it another try. I was awful but I was really determined not to let it beat me. I have always found handicrafts easy but knitting was so challenging! I threw the needles across the room in frustration several times.

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