Completed: Ankle Socks


WOOL SOCKS! This is the entire reason I learned to knit – to make wool socks. My feet and hands are always cold, even in the summer. I love warm wooly socks but I hate socks that ride up my legs. I prefer ankle socks that just barely show over the tops of my shoes. Enter the Simple Ankle Socks pattern by Heidi Braacx on Ravelry.

This is my second pair using this pattern. The first pair I completed in back in February using this same ball of yarn, Cascade Hertiage sock yarn (75% merino superwash, 25% nylon). I weighed the finished socks and the remaining yarn and determined I had plenty left to make another pair but a few other projects got in the way in the mean time.

Fast forward 8 months and I picked up this project for a second go. The first time I noted on Ravelry that they were a little long on me and I needed to reduce the number of rounds in the foot and toe. This time I followed my notes precisely and even opted not to reduce the number of rounds. After grafting the toe of the first sock I proudly tried it on only to find that it was too short! GASP! It’s not too terribly short, just a little so I decided to go ahead and make its mate identically. They’re wearable but tight and they pull down my heels if I walk a lot. They’ll suffice for hanging around the house.


I have no idea how this happened. Same ball of yarn. Same needles. Same notes. I suppose my gauge tightened up in the course of 8 months, especially after coming off that double knit beanie in which I was TRYING to knit tighter.


I just wound another ball of this same yarn in a different colorway for a couple more pairs. I think I’m going to make the cuff a little longer this time. It’s 6 rounds of ribbing and I believe I’ll go with 12. I’ll also be sure to try it on before I decrease for the toe!



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