Completed: Bow T-shirt

I am the self-proclaimed queen of creative cutting layouts to conserve fabric. If it looks like there will be any scrap of fabric left over I manipulate those pattern pieces all over the place to make them fit so as to maximize my fabric – even if I have no idea what I’ll do with the remnants. I actually bought less fabric than the Tiramisu calls for and still managed to squeeze out enough leftover fabric to make this 3/4 sleeve T-shirt.

I used my TNT long sleeve T-shirt, Burda 7742, of which I made at least a half dozen last winter. I also adjusted the sleeve so I’ve made a couple short sleeves, too. My previous ones were just boring plain jerseys in various colors.


I’ve manipulated this pattern so much that its designer probably wouldn’t recognize it. I’ve taken in the side seams to a more hour glass figure, eliminated most of the ease in the sleeve head which is supposed to be gathered, and I’ve cut the neckline down to scoop a few inches lower. The original neckline is impossible to see because the model on the envelope is wearing a scarf but it sits at the base of the throat as you can imagine it should be for that turtleneck version to attach properly.

I was all amped up from the Devine Details class I took with the lovely Sarah Veblen at the sewing expo over the weekend. She had a great long sleeve black t-shirt that she finished with fold over elastic and made a long, drapey self fabric bow at the shoulder. I grabbed some of that black fold over elastic at the Vogue Fabrics booth but didn’t have any specific plans for it until I realized I was going to have some of this purple knit left.

Immediately I knew I was going to finish it all off with the black fold over elastic and add a little bow at the neckline.


I stitched up one shoulder and one side seam so that the joint of the elastic could be hidden in the seams on the neckline, sleeves, and hem. I simply folded the elastic over the raw edges and zig-zagged it in place. Then I closed the other shoulder, sleeves, and other side seam.

For the bow I folded and zig-zagged the elastic, then tied it into a tiny bow. I planned to put it up on the shoulder – I’m such a copy cat, I know – but it didn’t look right up there after I held it in place. I decided on scooting it lower down the neckline but still off-center.

I really wanted this to be a long sleeve T but I couldn’t eek it out of the fabric I had. I settled for the longest 3/4 sleeve I could humanly manage – we’re talking about a millimeter of space left between the pattern pieces. I think I may have even notched into the seam allowance on one of them in attempts to squish the pieces together. In the end, I prefer the 3/4 sleeve, as I think it showcases the trim better.

I love this top and know I’m going to wear it to death. The trimming elevates this basic T into something a bit more refined. I’m so glad I took that class. Thanks for inspiring me, Sarah!


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