Completed: Purple Tiramisu


Here’s that purple knit fabric that was part of my haul from the Expo. It’s my third Cake Patterns Tiramisu dress. Like the second one, I omitted the pockets because I found in my first Tiramisu that my phone is too heavy for a knit pocket and just weighs down half of my dress. The extra bulk at the hips wasn’t worth it if I couldn’t keep my phone in my pocket. I also cut the skirt front and back on the fold, eliminating the center front and center back seams. On my second Tiramisu I did that because I was tight on fabric. This time I did it on purpose for the aesthetic.


I love the comfort of this pattern. If only I could perfect the fit. I think this time around I’ve pin pointed what needs to be fixed. I always have to shorten the patterns between the shoulder and bust apex to get a good fit and I don’t know why I completely forgot to do this each of the three times I’ve made it. I went back and took in about another 5/8″ on the underbust seam and it’s an improvement but not great.

I also have had trouble with the underbust gathers each time. Notice that there are none? There are supposed to be. Every time I go to line up the midriff with the bodice, there’s nothing to gather – in fact, the midriff is longer than the bodice pieces and I have to stretch the bodice to fit. I don’t know if its something awry with the pattern or my cutting. I also have found that the midriff sticks out funny at the sides and I have to chop it off. For the next go, I’m going to adjust prior to cutting.


This time I actually matched the notches on the neckband instead of pulling the band tighter as I think it should be. Mistake. The back of the neckband now sticks out oddly and doesn’t lie close to the body as it should. Next time I’ll ignore the notches again.

I’ve also lost a lot of weight since I cut this pattern the first time and I think I need to just go with the next smaller size.


Oh well. Fit issues aside, I love the color and feel of this fabric. It’s weighty enough to feel warm on a coolish fall day and when it gets chilly I can layer it up with tights and still feel good. I think I’ll get a lot of wear out of it.


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