I’m off to the Expo!

… on Saturday, anyway.

Last year I attended the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Dulles, VA for the first time and I had a blast. The shopping, the classes, the shopping! Oh my! This year it’s moved a little south to Fredericksburg, VA.
Last year my 10-year-old sewing student “J” entered their “Sewing’s Next Generation” competition with her handmade tunic top. There was stiff competition with about 30 girls entered in two age groups. One of the girls even drafted her own pattern from scratch. J probably came in dead last because she had only learned to thread a machine about eight weeks before the contest and she was up against kids who had been sewing since they could walk. However, it gave her the confidence and excitement she needed to go forth with sewing. She left with a consolation prize pack of patterns, notions, and a certificate for two free classes for the following year.

The free classes certificate said that if she didn’t want to take classes herself she could give them to her sewing mentor (ME!). That’s precisely what she decided to do so I’m all registered for two classes: Devine Details and Sew Drapey. I can’t wait!

J was already scheming her next competition entry in the car on the way home from the Expo last year so she had plenty of time to be prepared. Part of the judging includes a difficulty scale and she certainly stepped it up this time. I’ve spent the last three months coaching her through making this:


She made view A, the dress, complete with ribbon trim throughout the bodice, straps, and hemline. She tackled her first zipper, too, which I have to say was a bit of a nightmare but we survived. The judges can certainly tell that an 11-year-old did it, though! We finally finished well after sunset on Tuesday evening.

Wednesday morning J’s mom got a call from the Expo coordinator saying that she was the only registered entry! I scrambled to come up with other kids who might be eligible and the only ones I could find already had plans with their families for Saturday. I did find out that they ended up with one more registered but the lady said they need at least 3 to hold the competition. J and I will be heartbroken if they can’t hold the contest! If they drum up one more by Saturday I suppose she has pretty good odds, though.

Competition nerves aside, I’m psyched to get my hands on some luscious fabrics and spend the whole day immersed in sewing heaven.

If anyone is local to Fredericksburg, VA and plans to attend the Expo, drop me a line via email vinthill @ Hotmail .com and we can meet up. You’ll get to ogle my something in silk dress IRL.



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