Completed: Purplish PJs


I actually completed these just a couple days after the other pair of plaid pjs but I waited to post them because I had so many other things to share with you. Plus after I loaded the pictures to the computer I realized how badly the purples in my t-shirt and the pjs clashed! I swear it didn’t look this bad in real life. But even if it did, I just threw them on with the (also handmade) top I was wearing to snap a couple of pics in my back yard.

There’s not much to say about these since they are exactly like the first pair except that I shortened the rise by about 3″ before cutting so I didn’t end up with Steve Urkel pants again. See? Much better!


I did manage to match plaids again, too, despite “not caring” to do so.

I’ve worn both pairs now a couple of times and I have to say they are so dreamy soft and comfy. There will be more of these in my future. Perhaps a whole flannel plaid wardrobe. No? Not a whole wardrobe? Just maybe all my pajamas then.


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