Completed: Thurlow Skirt


Ta-da! I turned the Sewaholic Thurlow Trousers into a button-down pencil skirt! I adore the fit and construction of the waistband and front pockets on the Thurlows so I decided to borrow them to make a pencil skirt. I’m not a fan of high-waisted skirts and that seems to be what every pencil skirt pattern out there has.


Plus, my wide hips, thighs, and butt don’t get along well with the standard pencil skirt silhouette.


Thurlows leave that fabulous waistband extension in the back for adjusting the difference between the waist and hips perfectly. That means that I can actually sit down in this thing without busting a seam! Hurray!


I’m not gonna lie, this thing took a lot of redrafting to make it work. I had to figure out at which points to remove the allowances for the fly and fly facings then add back on for the button band and facing. I had to adjust the waistband length to accommodate the new button band as well. Oh, and add a hair to the side of the pocket, pocket facing, and pocket lining to make it all work out. I also had to figure out the point at the back where the skirt should stop curving inward like a crotch seam and start going straight downward for the skirt. That last part took a little fiddling and adjusting after sewing. At first I had the tiniest little tail sticking out that had to be amputated!



I also adjusted the silhouette several times. I started drafting this for a pencil skirt, then at the last second changed my mind and cut it for an A-line skirt. Once it was half assembled, I serged off 8″ total to make it straight again. Finally, after it was done and I tried it on for my husband he said it needed to peg inward at the bottom more. I took a look in the mirror and agreed. I picked out the simple turned-and-stitched hem and serged another 1-1/2″ off each side for about 6″ more narrow. I do love the lines of it now. Any narrower and I would have to waddle.

I obviously used the butterfly denim and daisy lining left over from my scalloped Thurlows. I finished it off with 9 light blue vintage buttons from my stash. They were a perfect color match to the butterflies. I like that they don’t jump out as a contrast but they’re defined enough from the dark background to notice them.

I layered it up with my “sweater” tights today along with an actual sweater early this morning. Absolutely perfect for transitional seasons. It’s a little snug for ascending stairs and not too conducive to sitting cross-legged on the floor with the kids, but I love it anyway! I know I’m going to get a ton of wear out of this skirt.


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