Completed: Scalloped Thurlow Shorts


Like so many other ladies around the globe, I’m in love – with Sewaholic’s Thurlow Trousers. For this, my 5th pair of Thurlows, I mixed it up a little with scallops! All summer long I dreamed of scallop hem Thurlow shorts and but I put them on hold as I was in the process of loosing 2 pants sizes. Sadly 3 of my 4 other pairs of Thurlows (two long, two short) are now too big. Whah! Guess I’ll just have to make more. Yay!

The warm weather has rapidly left Virginia so I finally got on the ball and made these bad girls up over the weekend. I even froze my butt off to model them for you. You’re welcome. 🙂 Hopefully it will get warm enough this afternoon to actually wear them.



They have the classic welt pockets in the back which I lengthened to fit my phone using Lauren’s tutorial from the Thurlow sew-along back in October.

The fabric is a too-cute-to-resist butterfly printed denim that I had been coveting at Jo-Ann’s for this very project. I love that the butterflies look like polka dots from a distance. They’re lined with a light blue daisy quilting cotton from my stash. I finished off the closure with two hooks and eyes because my first pair on which I had only put one hook and eye always pulls strangely at the closure. Two does the trick to keep everything in order. They also have a vintage metal zipper and a light blue vintage button from my stash.


I’ll be back soon with a tutorial on adding scallops to a hemline as well as another Thurlow surprise. You won’t believe what I did to the Thurlow pattern next! But for now, enjoy my photo-bombing puppy.



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