Tutorial: Self-covered belt hack

I nearly forgot to make the self-covered belt to go with my Something in Silk Dress! I ran out to Jo-Ann Fabrics last night but sadly I couldn’t find any belt interfacing. The employees didn’t even know what I was talking about when I asked for “belting.” I know this stuff exists! I’ve gotten it at Hancock Fabrics in the recent past but Hancock is a fair drive from here so I couldn’t get it last night. Being impatient (again! Grr!) I instead devised a way to make it work with what I had.

I’ll share my little self-covered belt hack with you for the next time you find yourself without proper belting.

First measure the inside dimension of your buckle. Mine was 1″
Next cut strips of fairly stiff fusible interfacing (mine was collar and cuff weight) slightly narrower than the buckle width by the length of your waist measurement plus about 10″. My waist is 28″ so I cut the strips <1″x38″. To determine how many strips you’ll need, fold a piece of interfacing several times and sandwich it between two scraps of your fabric until it feels substantial enough for a belt. My magic number was 6 layers of interfacing since I have a very flimsy silk.

Cut two strips of your fashion fabric twice the width of the interfacing (2″ here) and one inch longer than the interfacing (39″ here)


Lay the interfacing adhesive (bumpy) side down on the wrong side of the fabric strips. Fuse with your iron, one layer at a time to ensure a good hold. I used six layers of interfacing, three on each fabric strip.


Fold in the edges and press. My slippery silk required pins to hold it, even after pressing.


Top stitch (or slip stitch along the sides if you’re so inclined) the two interfaced fabric strips WRONG sides together, close to all edges.


Choose the less attractive end of the belt (you know one is bound to look better than the other) to slip through the center of the buckle.


Pull it through so there is a tail several inches long hanging on the underside of the belt. Top stitch through all layers as close to the buckle as you can get. Stitch over it at least twice. I turned mine around with the needle down so that I could be precise and not have to backstitch blindly hoping for the best.


Now cut a rectangle of fabric and interfacing about 2″ wide and a bit more than twice the width of the belt (mine’s about 2″ x 3″ here but I cut it down again after I shot the pic to be about 2×2.5″). Fuse interfacing to wrong side of fabric.



Press rectangle in half lengthwise. Open. Press in each side to the center fold so it looks like this:



Top stitch edges of rectangle strip.



Lift the little tail sticking out from behind the buckle. Near the end of the tail, wrap rectangle strip around belt so the edges meet in the middle but don’t overlap or you’ll end up with a bulge. Hand stitch in place. I just whip stitched.



Fold the tail back down over the hand stitching you just did. Slip stitch tail end in place to secure it.



Ta-da! A lovely self-covered belt made without belting! Ignore the fact that the end of my belt sticks out too far. I actually cut it 12″ longer than my waist (40″). I told you to do 10″ longer so that it would end up better than mine. Now go do as I say and not as I did and make some self-covered belts!



I’m off to hem. Hopefully I’ll be back soon with the big reveal!


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