Completed: Plaid PJs


I had to pause my Something in Silk Dress out of necessity. I NEEDED some new pajama pants. Most of the PJs in my closet are pushing the decade mark and several pairs had developed large holes to the point where they were no longer wearable. Sadly I tossed my Strawberry Shortcake jammies in the trash the other day. They weren’t even fit for dusting rags.

In exchange I “treated” myself to some $1/yard bargain bin flannel and a new pattern, New Look 0918.


I whipped up the view C pants in a size medium to ensure they had plenty of lounging around room. I omitted the pockets, as I rarely find the need to hoard things in pockets while I’m sleeping.  I also left out the drawstring because it has elastic. I stitched them mostly on the serger to ensure quick results. In my haste to plow through this pattern I remembered to measure the inseam, but failed to adjust the crotch depth. I ended up with pants worthy of Steve Urkel.


Fortunately the 1-1/2″ waistband is firm enough that I just triple fold it down (as seen in the first pic) and I have a wearable pair. I may chop off the top and reseam the waistband lower if I find that this doesn’t work after wearing them for a night or two.

I also told myself “they’re just pajamas, I don’t need to take time to match plaid” but I couldn’t help myself. They do match – horizontally at least.


And no, I don’t often wear my pearls to bed, just to glam up my bathroom photo shoots before bedtime. 🙂


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