Completed: Big Brother’s Birthday Beanie

It’s my big brother’s birthday and I’ve knitted him the warmest beanie on this planet.


Last Christmas I made him a beanie using this same Berroco Ultra Alpaca yarn. I used the same two colors (same two balls, actually). All winter long he wore nothing but that beanie. He would go out in the snow wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and that hat because he said it kept him perfectly warm.

Sometime in the end of February he took a trip out west for an off-road 4-wheeling competition and was riding across the desert at 40 miles per hour without a coat, just the hat. Well that wind chill got the best of him so he requested another beanie just a little bit warmer. I think I went overboard with his request here. Just look at how thick this thing is!


I double knit this on one circular needle, size 4 for the ribbing, 6 for the rest, and switched to dpns at the crown. Since it’s double knit it is completely reversible. Just turn it inside out and you have a whole new look.


This is the first time I’ve done double knit other than my little practice swatches prior to starting. I only swatched the method though, not the gauge since I already knew my gauge with this yarn and these needles. I set out with a basic plan to make it just like the first beanie but double. That plan backfired about 4″ into knitting when I realized my gauge was sooooo far off from the original because I double knit more loosely than regular single knitting. That thing was so big it could have fit two heads inside it! Needless to say, I frogged it and started over with a lot fewer stitches. I think I cast on 102 the first time and took it down to 82 (or something like that) the second time. It worked out far better the second time around.

Working with this yarn is lovely. I absolutely love how soft this alpaca is. Can’t you almost feel it through this picture?


I’m considering making myself an identical one because I’m always freezing cold. As soon as the temps dip below 55 I break out the winter coat. I believe for a remake I’ll stop one or two rounds sooner and draw the yarn through more stitches, as this came out a touch pointy on top.


If anyone is interested in the pattern, I could actually count the stitches and muddle together a pattern for you. Ravelry notes will follow whenever I get around to it soon.

All in all, a great first attempt at double knit for me, despite the frogging and minor pointy-ness. I think this should do the trick to fill my brother’s request. I can’t wait to give it to him when I see him next weekend.


2 thoughts on “Completed: Big Brother’s Birthday Beanie

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