WIP: Something in Silk test garment

Advance 3929 test

Here’s the test garment for my something in silk dress plan C, as promised. I am SO glad I did made the entire thing as dress is wearable, but barely. I learned quite a few things about this that I would have missed had I just made the bodice in muslin as I often do.

1. The skirt is too tight around the hip and just a little too snug at the waist. I can’t eat more than a piece of celery and I must hike up the skirt a bit if I want to sit down without busting a seam.

2.  The zipper placket needs to be extended longer in both directions as it’s a squeeze to get it on and off. No need to rip my dress as I fumble to put it on in the morning.

3. I managed to get the bodice length just a little too short now. Not sure how I did this. Notice how it rides up above my belt?

advance 3929

However, I do love the style, especially the neckline and it makes me look fantastically thin from the side. Though my side photos are all blurry so you’ll have to take my word for it.

It seems that after I make the above mentioned adjustments it will be all systems go for the silk.


5 thoughts on “WIP: Something in Silk test garment

  1. Hey Erin! Yay for 40’s patterns. This pattern is delightful… the silhouette almost (almost) reminds me of the Anna dress from ByHandLondon: I’m thinking the cut-on sleeves, the sleek waist and hip areas and the gores on the skirt.

    Can’t wait to see your final version with all of the changes you’re planning on making. I may have missed it but what fabric are you using for it? This same silk or a different one?

    Happy blogging!

    • Hi Liz! Thanks for dropping by! I agree on the Anna dress. It’s so vintage inspired that it nearly looks like the real deal here. Click through where I linked “something in silk” in the text above to yesterday’s post to see the silk I’m using. This one is a super cheap poly imitation that I got for $1/yd but it’s a dang good match for the drape and hand. I couldn’t cutting into my good stuff without a trial run.

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