Completed: super simple skirt


This is the easiest project I’ve worked up in a long time. I picked up this slinky burgundy knit fabric at a thrift store last week for a whopping $0.75 for the one yard piece, along with 3 others at the same bargain.

I usually shy away from large scale prints since I’m a petite 5’2″ and they usually overwhelm my frame.  But… I loved the color combination and the Lycra/spandex drape. I knew it was destined to be a skirt.

I got it home, laid it out on the floor with the intent to cut from New Look 6892, view D(out of print, copyright 2010) which I’ve made up once before.Image

Once I got the pieces out, though, I realized I wasn’t going to eek it out of the yardage that I had. I tore through my personal stash of about 120 patterns searching for a skirt that would work.

I came up empty handed and even considered donating the fabric back to the thrift store in frustration when it occurred to me that I could use the half circle skirt from another pattern and cut a straight waistband to fit. Being a knit it would have plenty of stretch to work as a flat waistband casing fitted with elastic.

I went straight to my McCall’s 9393A from 1953.


I made this dress up for my sister-in-law’s wedding in June so I had already traced and adjusted it to fit me.

From the time I took the envelope out to finished cutting was less than 5 minutes. Just a half circle and a straight waistband. It sewed up just about as fast. I did almost all of it on my serger. For the hem I serged the raw edge then turned it under and narrow zig-zagged it on my regular machine. Total time under 30 minutes! I’m not usually one for “fast sewing” as I like to take my time to do things right but every now and then it feels great to crank out a quickie project like this one.

For the photos I paired it with my hand knit Girly Top, Take III (click for Ravelry notes) which I completed in June. It’s really a snowy white yarn but I was having some trouble with the lighting in the photos. Though I love this top to death, I think its a little too “heavy” so next time I’ll pair it with my fave black blouse.



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