Hi, There!

Welcome to my little corner of the blogsphere!

Let me introduce myself.

Erin dress prairie farmer 9252

(Dress: made by me, 1972 vintage mail order pattern Prairie Farmer 9252, simply silky print; Purse: made by me, self designed, embossed leather; Belt: thrifted; Necklace: vintage glass pearls, thrifted and restrung by me)

My name is Erin. I’m a seamstress, knitter, fine artist, and all-around creative person. This is my outlet to share my sewing adventures with the world. You may also see a little knitting and painting tossed in here and there.

My husband and I have a three-year-old son, for whom I paused my career as a public school teacher. I currently run a day care and preschool in our Virginia home and when all the stars align, all the children nap at once, leaving me free to sew for a hot second before little footsteps creep up behind me.

In addition to my day care and preschool, I run a small Etsy shop, Vint Hill Vintage, in which I sell vintage sewing patterns. You will still find a few articles of vintage clothing in there, but as those find a new home, I intend to focus solely on the patterns.

On that note, while I love to work from vintage patterns in my own sewing, I certainly have my share of modern patterns as well, so expect to see some of each around here.

So how did I start sewing?

When I was 6 years old my grandmama sat me down on the sofa with a piece of navy and white gingham and some red embroidery thread. She set about showing me how to work my needle in and out of the layers of fabric, keeping straight and even stitches.

After I had filled that little piece of cloth with stitches going every which way, she graduated me to a nine patch quilt block. I took to it immediately, while my cousin, two years my senior, cast it aside in frustration. I finished my own, then hers and I haven’t stopped sewing since.

My middle school home economics teacher gave out “speeding tickets” to anyone working the sewing machines too fast for her liking. I regularly received them, until she realized that I could handle it and gave up trying to slow me down.

In high school I continued to quilt. I tried my hand at making myself a fire red denim mini skirt, but once I read the directions and didn’t know what a “facing” was, it got buried in the back of the closet with the pattern still pinned to the cut pieces. Certainly if I had just called Grandmama on the phone she would have explained it to me, but at 16 I wasn’t that keen on asking for help.

Fresh out of high school I needed a job and my (now) mother-in-law hired me as a seamstress in the family’s upholstery shop. She taught me how to sew cushions, pillows, and upholstery bodies “the hard way.” While I worked there through art college and education graduate school, sewing was work, not pleasure, so my personal machine usually sat idle.

Fast forward a few years and I was looking for a new creative outlet that didn’t entail still life and wet paint that small children might ruin at any moment. I had been selling vintage sewing patterns for about a year before I decided to try my hand again at garments, this time, armed with the knowledge of what a “facing” was. I made a wrap skirt, then a simple dress and it took off from there.

So here I am. Welcome to my adventures in sewing.


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